The New Review  June 1949
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The New Review June 1949




AT THE CARTWRIGHT'S With a bold challenge to the weather the cartwrights assembled again in mid-May to shape and joint the spokes and felloes of the Asoka wheel which had to be ready for the August celebrations. [...] the attempt to bring back the whole world to it the world of sentiments and of ideas the world of landscapes to call back the whole universe to its pristine mission of being a Paradise'. [...] The most striking illustration of the revolt against the self-satisfied rationalism of the nineteenth century is to be found in the development of Cubism and Surrealism. [...] The surrealist 'image' is born as Andre Breton puts it at that 'point of the spirit where life and death the real and the imaginery the epressible and the ineffable the high and the low cease to be perceived as contradictory'. [...] In the case of antimony industry the grant of cash subsidies has been refused on the ground that the cost structure of the industry has changed subsequent to the recommendations434 THE NEW REVIEW of the Tariff Board thus obviating the need of such subsdies.

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