The New Review  May 1949
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The New Review May 1949




From the fall of 1945 to the sumer of 1948 the rift between the Great Powers went on developing despite a series of concessions to Russia; in the meantime Manchuria passed into the hands of the Chinese communists whose land policy rapidly rallied the peasantry against the corrupt Kuomintang administration. [...] 'Taking cotton as an example ' he observes 'the cost of production of cotton and the margin of profit must be calculated; then the cost of ginning and the profit of the ginner the cost of spinning and the profit of the spinner the cost of the weaver and the profit of the weaver the cost of dyeing and the profit of the dyer the cost of the dealer and his profit and so on. [...] But is the efficiency of the industrial worker the same as that of the agricultural worker or the efficiency of capital invested in up-to-date industrial machinery no greater than that of agricultural capital ? Is no higher order of entrepreneurial ability rquired in industry than in agriculture ? Are the risks of industrial and agricultural enterprise of equal magnitude ? Does not the situati [...] A. will consist of the President of the local Panchyat the Tahsildar the Superintendent of the tuberculosis sanatorium one officer of the sanatorium and a fifth man to be nominated by Government. [...] The speeches of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry and Supply at the recent ifieeting of the Central Advisory Council and the speech of the Finance Minister to the Associated Chamber of Commerce at Calcutta were reassuring.

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