The New Review  February 1949
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The New Review February 1949




The Conference dmanded full liberty of action for the Republican goverment the restoration of the frontiers as on the 18th December and the withdrawal of Dutch troops the fomation of an Interim Government of the Indonesian Fderation the preparation of elections and the transfer of power to the United States of Indonesia by January 1950 finally the creation of a supervisory commis [...] In contrast with the conduct of their leaders the soldiers of the Khalsa 'fought with the valour of heroes the enthusiasm of crusaders and the desperation of zealots sworn to conquer the enemy or die with sword in hand'.' It was due to this fact of stern resistance to the British arms by the Sikh army that Lord Hardinge decided at the peace settlement not only to chastise the Sikhs for their 'a [...] Unless the Labour Party abandons the dreary and mechanical collectivism imposed upon it by the Fabians and returns to the ideas of Keir Hardie and the Christian Socialists it is likely to lose a large number of votes to the Liberals at the next elections especially if the latter give support to the Unions' demands for the limitation of the return on capital. [...] The British Cabnet succeeded in winning over the Ministries of the Domnions; and the Governments of Britain and the Domnions enlisting the services of the Church and of the Press effected in Ihe short space of a week a total revulsion of feeling for the person of their king whose empire-wide popularity fell with barometric suddeness from the sefair of fondness to the hurricane rain [...] The Popular Front Party ! There is a magic in the sound and in the Arsenal'of Democracy that is America and in the land of Parliamentary Constittionalism that is England the rulers and the ruled ptumped for the name and the object connoted by the name and the men who stood behind the name and the object.

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