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The New Review November 1948




The CGIL Christian Democratic leader Pastore made public a declaration in which he accused the Communist majrity in CGIL of violating the function and purposes of the unified organization and called for investigation of the basis on which the decision was taken. [...] The tension is rarely severe when it is limited to the economic field as evidenced in the divergence of interests between the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts in the U.S. [...] But this much is certain from them that it is not too long in the future when the human factor will be a source of disunity among peoples and nations leading to the break-up of the concord and the peace of the world. [...] Resistance is offered by the native population and the native population does not want these intruders; the original inhabitants of America the Red Indians never liked the intruders; the natives of Australia had a war with the new comers; and the examples may be multiplied. [...] This propaganda on the part of the interested paties has lead the glitalkers to think that the Indians are increasing at the fastest rate in the world.



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