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Journal of the Indian Chemical Society March 1938




It appeared to us worth while to compare these with the corresponding suiphonic acid since in many of the dyestuffs used in chemotherapy the presence of the suiphonic acid grouping is known to decrease the toxicity of the compound and also to possess some specific property of facilitating the absorption of the drug (Stieglitz Chemistry and Recent Progress in Medicine" 1926 p. r2 ; Ehrlich [...] The yield of the product in this case is far less than in the case of condensation product of o-nitroaniline with bronioacetic acid ; it was thought that this was due to the 13-position of the bromine atom. [...] The present communication deals with the quantitative estimation of the reducing action of some of the organic acid—Fe complexes on the Tillmans' reagent. [...] The reducing action of the acid—Fey` complexes is shown in Table I. The strength of the ferrous sulphate solution which was always the same as that of the acids was always M/5 except in the case of oxalic acid where a solution of M/5o was used. [...] Heilbron and co-workers have found that coumarins are also formed by the action of the o-hydroxy-arylalkyl ketones with acid anhydrides in the presence of the sodium salt of the acid (J.


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