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Journal of the Indian Chemical Society May 1935




The effect of substituents in the phenol residue and in the benzene residue of the azophenols on the yield of the corresponding aldehydes has also been thoroughly investigated. [...] The reactivity of the hydroxyazcompounds with an alkyl radical (Me) in the ortho-position to the OH group appears to be more or less diminished; and the reactivity is still further diminished by the presence of one alkyl radical in the ortho-position_ and another alkyl radical in the meta-position as in the case of benzeneazothymol and benzeneazocarvacrol. [...] The entrance of a nitro group into the orthor meta-position to the azo-group or the presence of a Cl in the molecule has little or no effect on the depth ofSTUDIES ON AZO-ALDEHYDES 295 the colour the corresponding compounds being all yellow. [...] On the basis of this assumption the mode of various reactions of the tautomeric compounds of the ketimine-enamine type may be easily considered and an attempt may be made to find out a solution of the problems involved although the inherent defect of the chemical method of handling equilibrium mixtures cannot but be recognised. [...] 1893 ii 47 105) might be due to the driving back by hydrion (the presence of hydrochloric acid increasing the concentration of hydrion) of the dissociation of the mobile hydrogen of the tautomeric compound in question with resulting increase in the proportion of the ketimine form (1).


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