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Journal of the Indian Chemical Society April 1934




The successful applicants will have to work under the supervision of the Head of the Department and will be required to assist in the organization of their respective sub-departments. [...] This is remarkable because the directing influences of the groups Me and NO2 in 2 : 4-dinitrotoluene might be expected to lead to the introduction of the suiphonic acid group in the 6-position and remarkable also because the suiphonic acid in question (2 :4-dinitrotoluene-6-sulphonic acid) is readily produced by the nitration of 4-nitro-6-sulphotobiene. [...] It was therefore thought by the present author that one or more of the factors on which the atomic frequency depends has been lost sight of and it is the object of the present paper to discuss such factors and propose a formula for the determination of atomic frequencies of elements which would give results in close agreement with the experimental ones. [...] The atomic spheres which are capable of vibration about their mean positions in an environment full of energy may be considered to be under a certain state of tension determined by the parachor of the element and the electrical field in the neighbourhood. [...] Stirring was continued for another z hour after the completion of addition of the amine and the mixture was extracted with chloroform FORMATION AND STABILITY OF POLY]3ROMIDES 255 On recrystallisation of the residue obtained by removal of the chloroform on a steam bath from benzene and thereafter from benzenpetroleum the thiocarbimide was obtained in needles m.p.


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