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The Indian Review May 1927 A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Discussion of all Topics of Interest




Chandu Lal was generally favourable to the strengthening of the hands of the Resident and to the heeding of the wishes of the Government of India in the matter of reform. [...] In the next year a firman of the Nizam recognised the right of the people to share in the work of legislation and to representation on the Council. [...] The first years of office of Sir Kishen Pershad saw the passing of the Census the Weights and Measures and the Limitation Acts besides the passing of the Criminal Procedure Code the Evidence Act the Stamp Act the Ferries Act and several regulations of the High Court. [...] the fulfilment of the preamble of the Jones' Law of 1916 in spite of the good certificates given by President Wilson and Governor-General Harrison and in spite of the agitation over the Fairfield Bill of 1924 which would enable the Colony to form a constitution and establish the Commonwealth of the Philippines. [...] the mutual and harmonious adjustment of the European and"298 THE INDIAN REVIEW [ MAY 1927 the Coloured Races is the problem of the 20th century; and upon the successful solution of it the fate of the world largely depends.


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