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The Indian Review A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Discussion of all Topics of Interest August 1934




What is the issue which the Congress has placed before the electorate ? The most comprehensive and yet simple answeP is that the Congress appeals to the electorate for a vindication of the prestige of the national condemnation of the Government's repressive policy in regard to the Indian National Congress institution and its activities during the last struggle and it is on this aspect of the posi [...] Even while engaged in a grim struggle with the Government which involved' the utmost strain on all its resources the Congress has maintained uninterrupted work in the furtherance of its constructive programme namely the rorganisation of rural life in every aspect the removal' of untouchability in every form the eradication of the drink and drug evil the advocacy of total prohibition the [...] The Congress is founded on the will and the aspiration of the people of India.- It is the emblem of the country's honour and the symbol of the ultimate sovereignty of the people. [...] For the bill defines a temple as a place used as a right as a place of public worship by the Hindu community generally except the excluded castes" and provides that if the majority of the Hindus of the locality are in favour of the admission of the untouchables then such admission wit be enforced. [...] The bill will thus secure the edmission of Harijans (provided the majority of the public are in favour of the innovation) even if the intention of the 'donor is to the contrary.


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