The Indian Review  January  1953
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The Indian Review January 1953




ASPECTS OF THE VEDANTA CONTENTS :—The Vedanta : some reasons for its study ; Veda and the Vedanta ; Vedanta towards all religions ; the Vedanta in outline ; the Vedanta Religion ; the ethics of the Vedanta ; the Philosophy of the Vedanta ; the Vedanta Philosophy ; the Vedantic Doctrine of the future life ; the Vedanta ; its Theory and Practice ; the Vedanta for the world ; Vedanta in daily life. [...] The individual ceased to be the corn of the family or the small' immediate community and became the concern first of the nation and the State and now of the world. [...] The attractive industrial wages in the war days were one of the main attractions for the man on the field in the village to migrate to the urban areas. [...] Firstly the role of the Government in the execution of the scheme and secondly the share of the villagers' responsibility in the success of the scheme. [...] The growing volume of agricultural proletariat class is a threat to the very foundation of a country's sound economy The concentration of cultivble land in the hands of a minority of population deprives the majority of the enjoyment of the fruits of their labour.

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