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The Indian Review December 1932 A Monthly Periodical devoted to the discussion of all topics of Interest




The Government of India Despatches emphasise the necessity of safeguards to maintain the credit of India and of the Government of India not only on the ground of maintaining the capacity of India to borrow and the solvency of the Government but also in the interests of the vast private capital invested in India by Britishers. [...] There is no precedent or parallel in the history of any country of the world where in the interests of foreign investors safeguards in the constitution of the borrowing country may have been provided in the interests of the lenders. [...] Though the book professes to deal with the frontier problem during the period from 1i190 to 1908 it was published only during the present year and the author would have done well to have noticed the recent course of events in Afghanistan and the British recognition of her right to full independence and the effect of this change of situation upon the problem of externalkk&ence. [...] He has dealt with the question of a scientific frontier the imperial and local problems connected with the frontier the characteristics of the border tribes the attitude of the Amir of Afghanistan and the results of the various frontier policies adopted from time to time. [...] From a local point of view the problem relates to the control of the tribes inhabiting the unsettled areas on the frontier and to the protection of the settled tracts of the Frontier province against their raids outrages and attempts to foment risings among their fellow-Muham.


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