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The Indian Review November 1920 A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Discussion of all Topics of Interest




It is no secret that the hanadministration of the Department which has been ling by the Secretary of State for India of any charged with the arrangement of vast and imporof the domestic and commercial affairs of India ant contracts and whose operations have been has been a matter of serious discontent and widconducted outside of the view of the public has spiad criticism on the part of [...] 1.4004 nITH reference to the recent decision of the - Government of India to establish an Iperial School of Mining and Geology at Dhanabad in the Province of Behar and Orissa it. may interest the readers of the Indian Review if we narrate the sequence of events which led to this momentous decision of the Government of India which is bound to have far-reaching effects on the industrial rege [...] This Tatkalika motion is detemined by Bhaskaracltarya in the followipg manner " Suppose x x'= the mean longitudes of a plnet on two successive days ; y y'= the mean anomalies u u'= the true longitudes and a= eccentricity or the sine of the greatest equation of the orbit Then x' --x = the mean motion of the pl/bet y'—y=the motion of the mean anomaly and u'—u=the true motion of the plan [...] the R instantaneous value of sin y'—sin y ) By substituting the instantaneous value of sin y in the equation (2) the instantaneous value of u'—u the true motion of the planet wilt be found; that is a. cos y y'—y — (3) This is the instantaneous motion of the planet." This is the way in which Bhaskaracharya determined the instantaneous motion of the sun and the moon. [...] How SivIji formed a national party out of the Hindu tribes of the Deccan how in course of time he became a terror alike to the Imperial Moghul armies of the North and to the indepedent Muhammadan states of the South hoe the adventurous bane of freebooters organised and left by him grew up in the course of the eighetnth century into the formidable Maratha Confederacy which challenged every


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