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The Indian Review Septermber 1919 A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Discussion of all Topics of Interest




The protests of all sections of the public have been in vain It is but the barest truth and it would be wrodk to conceal the 'fact that the Indemnity Bill has rudely shaken the faith of the people in the British sense of justice. [...] The high-handed doings of the officials in the Punjab the light-hearted manner in which the Viceroy gave carte blanche order to Sir Michael O'Dwyer to repress the so-called rebellion the proclamation of martial law and the scandalous and outrageous orders promulgated under it the arrest the impsisonment of aged and honoured public citizens and the indignities and orueltiee to whieh some of th [...] What exactly is the funtion of education in the lowest grade ? Who are to benefit by it Is it for the exclusive benefit of those who utter the present arrangement of things are to be hewers of woud and drawers of water doing the rough work of the world ? Are the elementary schools to be the counter part of the' Yolks &hulas' of Germany with no chance fqr the better endowed pupils to work the [...] From the first there was no faltering as to the position of the living languages of India : even Travolyan admits that the instruction of the mass of the people through the medium of their own language was the object to he kept in view. [...] We do not object to the right of self determination being granted to the people of the different Provinces of the Turkish Empire but these Provinces containing the Holy Places Of Ilam ought to be kept under the suzerainty of the Khalifs who shall continue to be the Protector of the Holy Places and the Defender of the faith of Islam.


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