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The Indian Review November 1913 A Monthly Periodical devoted to the discussion of all topics of Interest




I adore Thee the wondrously Dark and Beautiful the Delight of the greatest Sages ad Saints the Dispeller of all error the Mine of Felicity the Salv~ytion of Saints. [...] Ever since the inception of the London branch of the Moslem League of which he is the President he laboured week in and week out to emphasise the claims of the Indian Moslems on Lord Morley and the members of the India. [...] It is no exaggeration to say that had there been Ito Amir Mi iy London to echo the voice and sentiments of the sixty-two millions of the Faithful in India the Reform Proposals would have been passed on the laissez faire lines and the Indian 11%joslems would have been left. as of yore in the back-ground in the political regeneration of India. [...] This has been the first occasion in the history of Enlish polity when an Indian was invited by the King of England `' to take his seat at the Board " and sworn " to advise the King according to the best of his cunning and discretion ; to advise for tlf4 King's honour and the good of the public without partiality through affection love need doubt or dread to keel) the King's counsol secret [...] Amir Ali's judicial experience has already proved to be a tower of strength to the Judiciarl Committee as is shown by the recent decisions of the Privy Council and we hope that we shall no more hear of the frequent remarks in legal circles that the highest judicial tribunal of the Empire does not inspire the absolute confdence of the Indian litigants and lawyers.


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