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The Indian Review August 1913 A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Discussion of all Topics of Interest




As in Hebrew poetry the rhythm of sense regulates the succession of thoughts and feelings and the form of the sections in the English prose translation. [...] One of the year 1563 speaks of him as the guadian of the God's countries the protector of the Faith of the Arabian Prophet.' From another of 1579 we see that he is still the Defender of the Faith' though a coin of the previous year has the dubious Ilahi formula Allaha Akbar Allah Mulch e God is great ; glorified be his glory' or Akbar is (lad'). [...] We must not pass over the work in metal the genuine product of the hammer in the hands of an artist workman as the architecture was of the mason and the carver and the decorations in color of the painter and the fastener. [...] NOr is the effect of thelmoducts of the thread and the needle less important than those of the metal and the hammer. [...] But in the social catclysm that followed the occupation of India by the followers of the Prophet of Arabia these ideals could no longer guide the destinies of the descendants of the Riskin.


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