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The Indian Review October 1910 A Monthly Periodical devoted to the discussion of all topics of Interest




An appeal to the authorities of the venerable teachers who have left lasting impressions on Brahminic religion and in fact the history of the world is sure to be effective notwithstanding the occasional dogmatism of the priestly class of the present day in spite of texts. [...] Moreover the Civilian writer on Indian questions seems generally to be incapable of detecting the mote in his own eye and that of the sacred hierarchy to which he belongs while ever ready of detecting the beam in the eye of the Indian specially the educated Indian who is his " Igte noire." The one prominent feature which uniformly prevails in the discourses and homilies of Civilians is the uns [...] A copy of this Schedule ' printed in the THE CENSUS STAFF vernacular of the Province and used for the In European countries a copy of the Schedule is enumeration of the general population is called given to the head of each family who personally the "General Schedule." The same form printed records the desired particulars fohis husehold in English and intended to be filled up by the and retur [...] The books of the schedules containing the various Sea-going vessels plying between ports in British particulars recorded by the Enumerators for each India and Native States will not be enumerated individual may be described as the raw material unless they are actually lying in the port on the of the Census and the final tables as the mannight of the 10th March. [...] S. the learned and experienced Commissioner of the present Census is kindly preparing and circulating for the informtion of the Provincial Superintendents notes of the contents of a number of essays on the Indian Census and allied subjects contained in the journals of learned societies of European countries and other publications which are not readily accesible.


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