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The Tropical Agriculturist. The Agricultural Journal of Ceylon July 1936




The imported cigarette began to usurp the place of the cheroot while the younger generation of Ceylonese did not cultivate the chewing habit and Indian competition challenged the supremacy of the Jaffna variety in Travancore. [...] The cigarette has largely replaced the cheroot and the quota of the Travancorean market which the Government of that State has conceded to Ceylon finds a place in that market only at a price which is bound to cause the extinction of the Industry. [...] With a view to overcoming the above defects and to reducing the loss of nitrogen an extensive series of trials were carried out both in the laboratory and on the field applying the principles of the hot fermentation (Edehnist) process orignally developed by Krantz 6. The process is quite simple and easy to manipulate and needs practically no attention during the process of composting. [...] The excess of the figure for 1935 over that for 1934 was made up of 1 658 cases from Palestine in the first quarter of the year 701 cases from all countries in the second quarter 1 137 cases from South Africa and Rhodesia in the third quarter and 865 cases from Cyprus in the last quarter. [...] The pedicel or soft part of the fruit is used in the West Indies Goa and elsewhere for the preparation of a spirit by the fermenttion of the juice extracted from it.


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