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The Tropical Agriculturist. The Agricultural Journal of Ceylon June 1935




The future will probably see the establishment of small plants on estates for the direct application of latex there in the manfacture of certain articles of commerce. [...] Owing to the natural tendency of the leaves to adopt a drooping habit and of the plant to display itself to best advantage when in bloom the best receptacles for them are longitudinal sections of the Giant bamboo or tiles of similar pattern. [...] The total of the products of the percentages of each constituent and their respective factors gives a figure which represents the texture of the soil called the 'texture index number' or specific area. [...] On the basis of the silica/alumina molecular ratios the soils are definitely of the laterite type the ratios varying from 0.75 to 0.85. [...] The following are the main points to observe in dealing with new trees and old trees: NEW TREES (i) The tip of the main stem must not be removed until the plant has attained the desired height.


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