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Indian Culture (Journal of the Indian Research Institute) July 1938




A. B. Keith.) The Hindustan Review October 1937.—. is a well written account of the life and teachings of the last rirthafikara of the Jains. a comparative study of both Buddhist and Jain texts and the author has estalished the historicity of Maki:mint and his predecessor The details concerning Mahavira's life are all clearly set forth All who are interested in the study of comp [...] While a good deal is now known in the west of the Buddha much less is known of the founder of the Pins and your book should for this reason be of all the greater interest and value. [...] The precision and exactness of its statements and the aptness of the citations render it eminently suitable for forming and conveying to stdents a correct idea of the main features of Buddhist doctrine. [...] Of interest to the Pauranic geographer is the reference to the places like Rkmagrima in the land of the Koliyas where the eighth ships and a caftya were erected by Akoka An interesting fact noticeable in these references is that Tanja (Tanjore) is stated to have been in Tambarattha of which the author Dhammapitla was a native. [...] Though the king or the legislature for the matter of that could not make laws still in the march of time the sources of law increased in number.



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