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The Asiatic Review. April 1938




Whether the sun is setting over the hills that march on China or Siam and make the Shan States so fair a paradise or i roadcning and dimming the shadows as they steal across the mighty Irrawaddy or is turning to deeper pink the powdered mother of pearl that forms the marge of the goo islets of the Mergui Archipelago or is blotting out the lines of the kazins on the paddy fields—no one I believ [...] Under the earlier Government of India Acts Burma had been one of the Prvinces of British India and subordinate to the authority of the Central Government of India; the executive authority in Burma"Burma in Transition 229 being the Governor two members of Council appointed by the Crown and two ministers appointed by the Governor whowere members of the Legislative Council. [...] Mass opinion like mass hysteria is the negation of democracy and the two main differences between the new Constitution in Burma and that which preceded it are (i.) that the Government of Burma is no longer subordinate to the Government of India and (ii.) that the office of member of Council appointed by the Crown is abolished and the ministers (at present seven in number) who now form the Execut [...] For the vital question appears to me to be not what are the details of the new Constitution but whether the electors in the constituencies and their representatives to whom"232 Burma in Transition has been entrusted the right to determine the policy under which the country is to be administered will prove equal to the responsbilities that have been cast upon them. [...] And the reason is not far to seek for the controlling ifluence in the life of a Hindu as it seems to me is not his religion or his caste or his community but his family; and among orthodox Hindus the management and outlook of the family is determined by the Karta or senior male member whose paramount concern is to see that the members of the family act not in the interest of the community


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