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Modern Review February 1953


Never in the course of the last five dolorous years ' has the loss of the Father of the Nation been brought home so poignantly to us u by the reports of the Cowen session at Hyderabad. [...] "We call on the peoples of the world to struggle for the spirit of negotiation and agreement for the right of man to peace." In the "Address to the Governments of the Five Great Powers " the Congress declared : "The Congress of the Peoples for Peace meeting at Vienna December 12 1962 expressing the will of mankind solemnly invites the Governments of the United States of America of the Unio [...] "This is the demand of all the peoples." Unfortunately after this appeal was broadcast time the news of the Jew-hunt in the domains of the Soviets. [...] As such the following extract from the report of the three General Secretaries of the Congress to the AA. [...] the challenge of the Muslim League and Muslim National Guards they would not he afraid of the challenge of the Praja Perished and other communalists who were really the Muslim national guards in Hindu garb." Referring to the statements of Dr.
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Directives of State Policy
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Concentration in the Land Structure
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The East Bengal Tragedy
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Contribution of Th. Stcherba Tsky to Indian Philosophy
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Cottage Industries
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Statues of Foreigners
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The Slump in Textiles
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A Short History of the National Library
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A Summary Survey of Art Journals it India
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My Experience on the Indo Burma Border
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Ornamental Pottery and Clay Modelling in Uttar Pradesh
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Teaching Industrial Arts to Elementary Shcool Pupils
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The Place of Benoy Sarkar in Bengali Literature
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Indian Periodicals
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