Modern Review  January  1953
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Modern Review January 1953




The Expert Committee was appointed in July 1952 under the Chairmanshop of Sardar Man Singh to review the work done and suggest manures for the improvement of the regime of the Ifonghly. [...] The Commission was also to report on the street of the Damodar Valley Project on the wateroupply in the llooghly. [...] In the next stage it it proposed to cut across channels from the Bhagirathi to the Jahuntl the Mathabbauga and the water-courses of the 24. [...] This will lead to vastly Increased food production and will not only improve the efficiency of the Cakuttai Port but will also result in the development of the whole of West Bengal with direct benefit to the contiguous States of Bihar and Assam and even Uttar Pradesh. [...] That the importance of this scheme regarding Wend navigation and transport and the resuscitation of the Pbrt of Calcutta cannot be over-emphasised is proved by the following reports : Preblems relating to navigation in the Brahunapntrs and the Gang.

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