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Modern Review May 1952




Graham reported that the chief remaining &steel* in the way of demilitarisation was the diffrence between the parties over the number and theme ter of forces to be left on each side of the cease-fire line at the end of the paled of demilitarisation."NUM 341 Hie tecOMMendlit1006 Were: 1. That. [...] 4. That the United Nations representative's negotiations with the Governments of India an.1 Pakistan be continued with a view to: tat Revolving the remaining differences on the 12 proposals with pluvial reference to the quantum of forces to be jet on each side of the hue at the end of the period of dernilitariatiun and (b) The general implementation of the resoltions of the United Nations Com [...] The Government of Pakistan had tended that the an forces in Jammu and Kashmir were greatly a tented in the summer of 1951 and that even after the withdgwal of one Indian Army division the Iggsth J the Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir ' triad be far in mess of the Pakistan forces in the State' Dr.-. [...] Among respoOribilltie.di was the final disposal of the form to remain on each side of the rea e-fire line with due regard to the senility of the State and the freedom of the plebiscite. [...] Their cordial interview ri.sulied in the abrogation of emergency measures decreed by the previous High Commissioner the legalisation of the reformist nationalist party and authorization to pulish nationalist newspaper: and to hold meeting. "Toward the end of the month the Caliph of Tetouan who represents the Sultan of Morocco in the Spanish sone joined Franco on a hunting party in Andalus


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