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Modern Review September 1948




In the apprathement of their activities in this behalf dosing these twelve m)nths there is the danger that we may n►nimore the conditions of disruption that were created by the technique of division of an =- di% ided integrity into the State of the Indian Union and the State of Pakistan. [...] however that in respect of its major activities namely the great river valley projects the rationalisaiton of the production and distribution of electricity the promotion of a po itive mineral policy the expansion of the Indian Geological Survey and the vast building anti town-planning schemes the stage has been set for what promi.s to be very useful work in the near future. [...] The enactment cf the Electricity (Supply) Bill in the current reseion of the Constituent Assembly will bring to fruition the efforts of the Ministry to rationalise the production and supply of electricity and to evolve measures conducive to the electrical develowrit of India. [...] The decision of the Government of India was that the amount so deposited with the Government would become payable to the respective seamen on the cessation of hostilities. [...] The nicest curious obstacle on the way of the anti-corruption drive of the Government of India has been the legal fineries in some of the judgments of the Criminal Bench of the (.'aleutta High Court where the Law leas moved inscrutably.


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