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Modern Review February 1948




The betrayal of the hopes of telfdrtermination for India promised during the World War I by Britain and the breaking of solemn promises to Muslims about the integrity of the Turkish Calipha:c prepared the ground (or the Indiawide agitation that found a new leader in Candhiji. [...] But the commonalty of the land responded to the symbolization of salt in the Dandi March because it rpresented a grievance that touched on one of the daily needs of the poorest and that of their cattle. [...] between that past and the future to be and we face all manner of perils and the greatest peril is somtimes the lack of faith which comes to us the sense of frustration that comes to us the sinking of the heart and of the spirit that comes to us when we see ideals becoming unreal and we see the great things that we talked about somehow becoming empty word. [...] And so he became the great internationalist believing in the essential unity of man the underlying unity of all religions and the needs of humanity and more specially devoting himself to the service of the poor—the distressed and the oppressed millions ever - where. [...] On the morrow of the tragedy all of us forgot fur a while the bitterness that had crept in the estrangement and conflict of these past months and Gandhiji stood out as the beloved champion and leader of the people of India.


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