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Modern Review July 1941




neatly 'lammed up by Gandhiji in the followbutakla The tragic history of the ruin of the village industry of cotton manufacture in /Wile the history of the min of Indian old lonneaskre. [...] The attack on our country has been made in spite of the fact that throughout the time this Pact was valid the German Government could not furnish proof that the Government of the U. S. S. R. has ever nifringed a single one of the Clauses of the Pact. [...] a Note in the some of his Government that the German Government bad decided to Pawed against the Soviet Union bemuse of mincehalloo of units of the Red Army on the Western Gemak PirOier A Lis arm a_ "3p abiwer to this da -in the name of the GOvionment.. [...] The leader of the Communist Party of the tniteil Stales &scribed the German assault on Russia as Ali assault upon the peoples of the United States and the world as well. [...] The Use ol Radio" In the course of the review of a book in the Journal of the Royal Society of Arts Ivor Brown writes For my part while agreeing with a great deal of hel exposition and valuation of modem tendency I shuuld caution hie faith in the saving powera of "wireless." The use of radio in politics abroad has been disastrous: it has been the tyrant's joy and a monstielia engine of me-aided


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