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Modern Review June 1941




European "Civilization" and America Asia and Africa In the days of the Buddha of the Ftisfiil of the Upanishads of Confucius and Lao-tse and of Jesus neither they nor their disciples and other countrymen of theirs had any of the modern puraAernalia of civilization. [...] Janice; Palnee the twiner home of the Sovereign of Englund and ti itenvArds the home of the linnet of Waits the beautiiill truirdiug u number of historic coufeleneas was held inetutribit the India Hound Table Lonieleace; the 11011.m.10 03 Paraunicut; Wt.tmiuster Hall ansd to he one of the most beautdul iu the world; estimuster Abbey; SI. [...] The donors have made the Rift as it token of their love and regard for the Matisbodhi Sici►.ly and the Buddhist religion on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Society which comes off in December this yer.r. [...] Citing the example of Australia where there is no communal problem the Government of which with the consent of the people assued large powers of control with the view of increasing the efficiency of the educational sytem Dr. [...] Ministerial policy in education is practically determined by the private views on education which happen to he he!d by the members of the Cabinet and chiefly by the member of the Government who is given the portfolio of education the educational system lening itself in the moist &wrote way to the machination.


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