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Modern Review May 1937




unnatural Nail the unnatural in the natural the common in the uncommon and the uncommon ill the common The mystic thus resolves all contradictions in experience. [...] He sees the little in the great and the great in the little the unpractical in the practical and the practical in the u►eaetiesd the extra-ordinary in the ordinary and the ordinary in the extra-ordinary. [...] when power oscillated between the Soviets and the counter-revolution the Bolshevik Party under the leadership of Lenin raised the slogan ; All power to the Soviets Land to the Peasants. [...] the Turmenistan S. S. R. the rzhek;stan S. S. R. and the Tadjekistan S. S. R. Of these the first stretching from the Gulf of Finland to the Pacific Ocean and right down the Volga to the Caspian Sea is much the largest and most important member. [...] Next romps the Ukraine which did not join the Union until 1920: its capital is the historic city of Kiev and it is in culture traditions and productivity coparable to the R. S F. S. R. Sonic of the constituent republics of the Union themselves include autonomous republics and autonomous regions of which the Tartar republic and the Republic of the Volga Germans arc examples.


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