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Modern Review February 1933




But what more than anything else has attracted the attention of the country and the world to the class has been the poems written by the incomparable poet of the class Oliver Wendell Holmes on the occasions of its re-unions. [...] Turn to a volume of the collected poetical writings of Holmes and we will find under the heading "Poems of the Class of 1829 " no fewer than thirty-two pieces of many lengths and many metres and ranging through almost the wh.ole gamut of human feeling from the most rollicking fun to the most soul-stirring patriotism and from that on again to the tenderest memories that bring tears to the eyes. [...] The Flowers that everywhere beautify and gladden the Earth are his enchanting Songs without Words." The glad and care-free Playing of lambs colts puppies kittens and all Young An imals ; The rippling and laughing of Water in brooks and the soft patter of Rain on roofs.; The flittering about of Butterflies and Bees and the fluttering down from the sky of the pretty White Feathers which we ca [...] The Hidden Nooks in the Hills and the Solitudes of the Deep Woods ; The Silent Night Skies glorious with Moon and Stars ; Broad Views from Mountain Summits with the world at one's feet and Mysterious Sea-Horizons where the Vast Waters below meet the Endless Heavens above suggesting the Inanities of the Human Soul — These are his Voieeless Psalms forever calling men to Peace and Qsietness of S [...] This is not an unimportant difference."VALUE OF LIFE IN EPIC INDIA 149 We 8h11 not dwell Mann the night-attack on the camp of the l'audavas by the last surviving Warriors of DuYvedhatei and the colblooded noirders perpetrated by them : for they are part of the war-programme and roast be judged ac tOO the idea; of right and wrong in win In the.:one was' the premeditation with which I►ritarasta


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