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Modern Review August 1930




To magnify the achievement of the Government of India and the India Office this Associated Press correspondent omitted to mention or slurred over two important facts The act of explicit renunciation upon which the Sinhalese politicians insisted was declared by the Secretary of State for the Colonies to be supererogative. [...] the sweet green of the grass hs these mountains in this May season ! And the tender fresh green of the dedduous trees just coming into leaf contrasting with the more sombre green of the firs and pines ! and the brightness of the cherry and apple blossoms in the valleys and the profusion of flowers w►.erever the sunshine falls and the wealth of lichens on the rocks How our railway track winds [...] The tropics and the arctic regions of the earth are separated by many thousands of miles and the traveller who would pass from one to the other must spend weeks of time in making the long journey. [...] Today the art and literature of both Europe and America are more full of nothing than of the aroma of mountain pines the music of mountain waterfalls and the sublimity of mountain peaks. [...] As soon as men begin to think of God as spirit as the Power the Life the Intelligence that is everywhere —in the blossoming rose the law of gravity and the soul of man— of course.


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