Modern Review  February  1926
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Modern Review February 1926




Freed they were convinced of the irrationality of now from the oppressive influence of his non-cooperation but because their power of persp nality and the frothy wave of enthusiasm endurance was exhausted the weakne.s of that swept the people on his work and the the flesh told. [...] yoke is allowed to remain the surer is the But there were men of feeble faith who grip of vice the swifter is the process of were sceptic of the programme leading up to.demoralisation : and the uphill task of self-government They argued hop an the regeneration of the fallen becomes increasinrenunciation of titles by title-holders or of xi arduous. [...] The call of the the classes and the masses the breaker of land is not heeded because of the lure of the barrier between the rich and the poor the cities with their specious temptations of the outward visible link of brotherhool 'riches. [...] The most importantquestions shall be referred to tot arbitration of and practicable route from India to the the British Government and the Siklam GoverChumbi Valley a part of Tibet passes through meat agrees to abide by the d!eition of the British Sikkim over the Himalayas.? [...] But the Chinese The final agreement on these disputed pressed the matter and asserted "China will points was not arrived at until the 5th of be quite able to enforce in Tibet the terms December 1893 the terms of which are:— of the Treaty" and thus an Agreement was "Regulations regarding Trade Commimication signed in 1893 by Lord Lansdowne and the and Pasturage to be appended to the Sikkim-Tibe

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