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Modern Review September 1924




It is obvious on the analogy of the party heads in Parliament or Assemblies that His Highness the Maharaja of Bikaner has been chosen the representative of the Indian Princes as being the elected Chancellor of the Chamber of Princes 'he represents the majoity of them. [...] There is first the problem of the orgapi n of the League secondly the problem Of rules for its guidance thirdly the problem of the a ' I'll*. [...] The economic consequences of the._occnation of the Ruhr and of the virtual dlitting off the Rhine-Ruhr from the mainland of Germany began to make themselves felt in the summer of 1923. [...] The order in which provicial funds are to be distributed is : first the contribution towards the expense of the Iperial Government ; next the amount needed for the reserved subjects; and finally the need of the transferred subjects. [...] "But neither in this case nor in the case of the Government of India does the legislature acquire power under the Reforms to vote upon and pass or reject the budget*" The executive government is not bound to carry out the wishes of the legislature except in the case of transferred subjects.


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