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Modern Review October 1923




What do I know of the final shape which He will give it at the end of this purifioatory prcess of making and breaking ? What to Ilim is Hindu and what Brabmo He looks to mankind alone." And for a moment he stopped speaking to retire into the still solitude of his own heart for the confirmtion of his words. [...] But is fintude to be determined only in time and space ? For instance in repeating your favourite text from Scripture a feeling of devotion arise in your heart but is the value of that text to be measured by the size of the page on which it is written or the number of letters it contains ? "The infinitude of an idea is much greater than mere infinitude in space. [...] To you the only Infinite is that in space and so when you would think on it you have to close your eyes ; and even then 1.doubt if you succeed but the Infinite which dwells within the heart of man can be seen opeeyed in the smallest of objects. [...] I want to awaken the soul of my country by my own reverence for the greatness of our religious principles and our path of faith; I want to rouse the pride of our people in the true wealth that they possess. [...] " If your society chooses to obstruct the work of time it will have to submit to its butfettings." "Tiwe's progress is like the waves which try to break down the banks but why should the banks consider it their duty to submit to he broken down Do not imagine that I am not aware of the bad as well as the good in our Society.


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