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Modern Review December 1921




Since the ascendancy of the power of the Sikhs this celebration of the Ilaharram had been stopped and so the conduct and behavior of Metcalfe's escort gave great offence to the population of Amritsar a place which is sacred to all Sikhs. [...] By the reduction of these islands the energies of the naval power of Prance in the East were parlysed once for all and the Preach incubus no longer disturbed the sleep of the rulers of British India. [...] The attention of the authorities in England was also drawn to the Dutch possessions in the East for it was thought that They constituted a rallying point which was likely to become of more consideration after the destruction of those asylums which lay more in the route of the Indian trade; and it was incampatibleswith the interests of India and the policy of England longer to permit the presence [...] Carey it stated that 'the issue of publicatikiv nd the publi: deliver) of discourses of the notate hnve alluded to are evidently calculated to prod** consequences in the highest degree detriMental to the tranquillity of the British dominions India and it baornes the indispensable duty of Ott British Government to arrest the progress of proceedings of that nature. [...] In the present i this objection is enforced by the necessity of taming the public faith which under the expeetir :njunctions of the Legislature has been repeatodtr pledged to leave the native subjects of the Conipann India to the full free and undisturbed exercise of task respective religions.'...


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