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Modern Review November 1921




So the l'panishat says : " Rescue yourself from death by the cult 01 the finite and then by the cult of the infinite sou shall attain immortality." a the preceptor of the Titans was master of the art of material existence; and in his school Kacha the emissary of the Gods had to gain admission in order to learn the secret of immortality. [...] The barrier by limiting truth makes truth itself at first easier of comprehension ; so man is apt to give the credit to the barrier and not to the truth ; he worships the priest to the exclusion of the divinity and fears the policemen more than the king. [...] Short addresses were delivered by Thal.' Reimer a German member of the Executive of the Third International : by Losofsky President of the All Russian Central Council of Trade Unions; by Gousef from the Genral staff of the Red Army; by Bucharin the soul of the Russian Revolution a member of the Executive Committee of the Third International ; and by Kalinin the much-loved President of [...] The reports reviewed the legal status of the women of Russia and of the Oriental or semi-Oriental women within Russian boundaries before and after ; the work of the Soviet Government in education of women ; the establishment of clubs kindergartens nurseries communal dining rooms cooperative workshops ; the encouragement of home industries; the protection of motherhood and [...] calling for the protection of their strength and health in the interests of the entire community the Conference considers it necessary to find special methods of work among the women of the Communist Parties and establishes a standard of special apparatus within the Communist Parties for the realization of this work.


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