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Modern Review September 1921




Earnestly I ask the poet of the Western world to realize and sing to you with all the great power of music which he has that the East and the West are ever... and that they must meet not merely in the fullness of physical but in fullness of truth that the right hand which wields the sword ihas the need of the left which holds the.shield of safety. [...] I have known from beyond darkness the Supreme Person shining with the radiance of the sun." The man from the East with his faith in the eternal who in his soul has met the touch of the Supreme Person.--has never come to you in the West and spoken to you of the Kingdom of [leaven Did he not unite the East and the \Vest in truth in the unity of one Spiritual bond between all children of the I [...] In the despatch of t;Ic Governor-General in council to the Secret Committee of the Honorable the Co art of Directors dated Port William March 24th 1805 it is stated :— on the following day the Resident desired the :Attendance of one of the Raja's principal ministers for the purpose of conversing with film[...] "The arguments employed by the Resident to convince the minister of the advantages of the proposed arrangements were founded principally on the dangers to which the government and the dominions ... would be exposed under the circumstances in which the 'several states of India might be expected to tie placed by the successful issue of the contest [...] The security and prosperity of those states which were connected with the British Government by the relations of a defensive alliance and the Resident having desired to communicate to the Raja the substance of the conversation the minister withdrew.


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