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Modern Review August 1921




We find that the mysticism of the Tantras has been built up on the basis of that mystic doctrine of the unity of the soul and of all with the Brahman which is prclaimed in the oldest Upanishads and which belongs to the most profound speculations which the Indian spirit has imagined. [...] To the worship of the Devi the Goddess who is the joyously creative energy of nature belong the "five true things" ( panchatattva ) through which mankind enjoy gladly prserve their life and procreate ; intoxicating drink which is a great medicine to man a breaker of sorrows and a source of pleasure ; meat of the animals in the villages in the air and in the forests which is-nutritious an [...] ( These last consist in putting the tips of the fingers and the flat of the right hand with certain mantras on the various parts of the body in order by that to fill one's own body with the life of the Devi ). By the application Of all these means the worshipper renders the Deity willing and forces him into his service and becomes a Sadhaka a magician. [...] where a description is given how the wives of the gods demons and demgods impelled by mantcas come to the magician the Sadhaka oppressed by the great ness of their desires." In the XVIII chapter the mantras and the dhyanas ( me.ditations) for the adoration of the god of love and his Shaktis are taught and the union of man and woman is represented as a mystic union of the "I" (AkanKkara) [...] The Prapanchasara which does not even deal with the rite against which most objetion has been taken ( while the Malianirvana does ) treats of the creation of the %%odd the generation of bodies phYsiillogy the classification of the letters the -Kalas Japa Ilona the Gayatri Mantra.


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