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Modern Review October 1919




The embroiderer and the potter and the brass-smith sat croslegged on their counters hard at work while an apprentice would pull the string that worked the bellows hidden in the mud flour —that the fire might burn up and heat the metal —or turned the wheel for the potter's use. [...] But at the threshold the roarings of the sea die away : the surgings of Nature the clamours of action the blood-stained jousts of politics find no entrance. [...] They chanted their hymn — The Law Universal Justice sovereign and supreme Reaches out on every side of the world Through the vast and ample ether In the immeasurable theme of light And in the mind of man." These Titans of Greek thought set themselves to conquer the unknown God the hidden principle which governs both the outer world and the inner mind of man. [...] Its foundations are laid in the Breams of Asia in the cosmos gonies of Babylon and Persia in the cult of Mithras in the Orphic mysteries of Greece in the wintry spring-time of early Christianity. [...] As a poet-visionary a herald prophet of the future Empedocles dared to throw open the boundaries of the Mediterranean Set.of thought to introduce the Greek spirit to the Oceantives of the One the ilkiabracing this Vast Atlantic Ocean of religious thought that Vls his poems with the rhythm of its eternal flux and reflux —the mystical drama of life.


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