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Modern Review December 1912




Into this poem have been worked the summer evening's moolight resonant with the music of waterfalls the tremour of the wind-stirred Kaddmia branches on the skirt of the forest cooled by the first showers of the rainy season. [...] Nursing in his heart the pang of a vain longing the port as he sat amidst the rich splendour of the royal court was gazing afar off at the pure age of asceticism which was a thing of the past in the then India. [...] Rununciation means the surrender of a part for the whole the yielding up of the temporal for the sake of the eternal of selfishness for the sake of love for another of pleasure for the sake of bliss. [...] In his "Midsummer Night's Dream " for instance he describes by means of music the solemn silence in the glades of woodland haunted by the moonbeams and the breaking of the silence by the tiny tripping feet of faiies and the revelries that they hold upon the secret sward at midnight. [...] There is an immortal spirit in us which is the trustee of gifts to humanity and to learn about our spirits to make the discovery of ourselves in Painting and Poetry and Music and in all the great works of reason is (as Wake says) To open the eternal worlds to open the inimurtAl eyec Of man inwarvs into the worlds of thought into eternity Ever expanding in the bosom of God.


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