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Modern Review September 1908




To mention some out of the many details of our information we can gauge the varous wages of the labourers we have lists of the different trades and arts and industries that flourished we know the name of the branches of military service we read of the methods of city and village inspection and control the forms of taxation the civic officers the public hospitality to foreigners the res [...] That there was good mingled with the had and that the new cults touched the hearts of the common people may be gathered from the (At rain-dowry beauty and magnificence of the Temple Architecture of the period. [...] Of the other letters a few were read to him by the Court agents of the high grandees or by the ivazir or by the officers appointed to submit the despatches of the provincial viceroys. [...] iloy have a common saying to the effect that when the taut:Ion went the prosperity of the city went also and they explain this by the (act that the removal of taxa► 1 In led to the breaking up of what were practically sanctioned and protected by the State. [...] There is to the dancing girl who excelled in the duties a God of the arts and crafts whose name of her calling also.' is Visvakarma who is described as the Lord The doctrine of Karma the strongest peof the arts the carpenter of the gods.


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