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Records of the Geological Survey of India December 1919




RECORDS OF THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIARECORDS OF THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA VOLUME L Published by order of the Government of India CALCUTTA: SOLD AT THE OFFICE OF THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA 27 CHOWRINGHEE ROAD 1919 CONTENTS PART 1. PAGE. [...] The mode of occurrence of the pitchblende is similar in the two cases as nodules surrounded by an aureole of yellow uranium ochre but at Abraki Pahar the nodules are of much larger size and in addition are often found in masses of “triplite.” As a consequence of the larger size the central uraninite is much less altered and the density is much higher. [...] In addition to the gas a trace of oil appeared on the surface of the water and a quantity of insoluble solid matter remained at the bottom of the vessel. [...] E. H. Pascoe is that the Ur-material from which the gas and bitumen subsequently devetoped was contemporaneous with the salt and that the bitumen and gas 1 Methane would not of course be liquid since the critical temperature of methane is considerably below the present temperature of the salt but even so the gas would have a specific gravity comparable to that of a liquid.266 Records of the [...] that the occasional bituminous matter in the uppermost layers of the salt and the occasional bituminous matter incorporated in the gypsum immediately overlying the salt may be regarded as extraneous material caught up by and carried forward along the plane of an overthrust and incorporated in places into the uppermost layers of the salt.' This would mean that the salt was not the original home


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