Records of the Geological Survey of India
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Records of the Geological Survey of India




This is the medium of publication of all the shorter papers on the results of the Survey's work. [...] The biotite-gneisses found below the limestone on the Lachi spur are much more abundant relative to the sediment than at the mouth of the Rongbuk valley and despite the evidence just given I believe a fault or unconformity must separate the limestone from the gneisses. [...] The (lip of 20° to the north-north-east which is shown on the map to the south-west 0? Lucid seemed one of the more satisfactory values and the impression was gained that this is the general direction of dip on the whole Larhi spur though considerably higher dips also occur. [...] and devoted many hours to the careful measuring and recording of dips and strikes I am unable to reduce these to any intelligibl system." Without more knowledge of dips it is impossible to do more than guess at the thicknesses of the beds hi the Litchi spur : my estimate is that between the upper Mount Everest limestone and the top of the thick quartzite forming the summit of Lachi. [...] The limestone which Heron mapped to the east and west of the Rongbuk valley is also to be found at the entrance to the valley well eposed in a short gorge immediately below the j unction of the Ronchu and Gyachung-chu.

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