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Records of the Geological Survey of India




In the case of coal for instance the so-called value of a ton of good coal 'in Bengal is less than half that of the inferior material raised in Baluchistan or Burma ; in the case of salt the values given are the prices charged and these on an average are but one-seventh of the duty whic4 is the principal value of the salt to Government ; certain valuable mineral products such as building-s [...] The principal reason for the neglect of metalliferous minerals is the fact that in modern metallurgical ores neglect of metalliferous and chemical developments the byproduct has come to be a serious and indispensable item in the sources of profit and the failure to utilize the bye-products necessarily involves neglect of the minerals that will not pay to work for the metal alone. [...] mineral resources of India the relative insignificance of the total value will be seen by comparing the 1907 figures for India in table 1 with those for the twelve most important mineral products of the United Kingdom. the United States of America and the German Empire given in table 2. From this it will be seen that the value of the coal produced in the United Kingdom was fifteen times the val [...] It will further be noticed what an important part in the mineral production of each of the three countries cited is played by the ores of the metals used by the arts such as those of iron lead and zinc in all three countries of copper in two of the countries and of gold silver and tin each in one country.12 Records of the Geological Survey of inclia. [...] There is a satisfactory deduction to be drawn from both the decreases and increases : the decrease in the imports of mineral oils indicates the development of our own oil-fields whilst the increase in the imports of metals indicates the approach of the necessary conditions of market required for the profitable exploittion of the deposits of ore known to occur in this country.


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