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Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute




And finally this institute seems a most appropriate place in which to discuss this type of study for the application of the historical method to the works of Sarhkara is not essentially different from the application of that method to the Mandbharata. [...] It is one of the great accomplishments of mankind for it allowed the human components of this culture at least those who carried on its intellectual tradition to be aware of the unity of the universe and of their share in it and so to lead in some ways a fuller and more satisfactory life than was lived elsewhere. [...] In the first book of the Brahmasiltras on the question of the anandamayatnia the self of bliss Sariakara first interprets eight whole sutras quite in accordance with Bhaskara. [...] A task of great importance which remains to be done for the understanding of Sarhkara is a careful study of the commentary ascribed to §aMkara on these larikas.12 Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research institute Of other philosophical texts in India which may shed light on the history of pre—Sarriklara Vedanta there is the Valcyapadiya of Bhartrhari on which I hear that Jain Muni Jambuvijaya [...] VA ( REVOLVING CYCLE OF LEGENLS ) AT THE A§VAMEDHA BY R. D. K ARMARKAR Like the Sainve§ana of the queen near the dead sacrificial horse the Pdriplava is a unique feature of the ASvamedha.

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