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Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute




We have to look to the facts of human sufferings and needs and also to the demands of human nature and values in order to estimate and to propose the course of life which we should follow. [...] It is a world of science with the powers and perils it generates a world of morals with the loves and hatreds it habours a world of religion with the confidences and consolations it creates and a world of arts and crafts with the intuition and cunning it possesses. [...] The problem of social sciences is the problem of understanding and experiencing the course and relation of social life and a search for its values in time place and objective. [...] It increases our understanding of the world tells us of different types of human societies and of the unity of man kind and of its continuity diffusion and fusion in space time and culture. [...] Can it also make a contribution to the good life of man ? Science tries primarily to find out the nature the character and the direction of the evolutionary process in the world as a whole and also to elucidate the causes of human actions and their consequences in relation to that direction.




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