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Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute




The rising and the setting of the sun the falling of rains the growth of vegetation the flowing of rivers the flying of birds even the winking of the eye are governed by the subtly working law of Varuna. [...] In the course of time however there began in the evoltion of the Vedic religious thought the process of spiritualisHon which all nature-gods had to undergo at some stage of theirAsura Varuna 163 career Varuna thus rose from the ' sky to be the ' god of the sky ' presiding over all the natural phenomena of which the sky is the foundation and the scene ; and in the later development he [...] religion has elavated the sky-god to the exalted position of the g lardianship of the cosmic and moral order which is one of the essential characteristics of Varuna in the Veda and of Ahura Mazdah in the Avesta. [...] Already as the god of the earth he is the king and therefore also the god of law and punishiment In 13 V he ascends to the sky ( not necessarily first then ) becomes the lord of atmospheric ocean and makes the rain-waters stream down......he is now turned into the heavenly sovereign-lord of the universe and the upholder of the rta... [...] Oldenberg assumes that the whole circle of the Vedic gods--Mitra Varuna and the Adityas—representing respectively the sun the moon and the planets as well as the corresponding circle of the Avestan diviites Mithra Ahura Mazdah and the Amesa Spentas have been borrowed by the Aryans from the Semitic people: If the A ditycircle as a compact group were supposed to have been borrowed from




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