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Indian Education




Bell) the punctuality the sub-division of labour the time-saving appliances which were characteristic of the factory system ; but it underrated the value of the humane influences in school life attached too much imporance to administrative machinery and deadened the artistic interests of children and teachers. [...] At this point they were joined by another group namely the champions of the claims of grammar in language teaching It will be remembered that the new methods of language teaching relying largely on the instinctive powers of the children and on the sentence instead of the inflected word as a unit had slipped into the mistake of slurring over the importance of grammar EDUCATION IN ENGLAND. [...] The purpose of the meeting was to consider sentence by sentence the reply issued in September by the Archbishop of Canterbury and others to the manifesto of the German divines on the subject of the war. [...] Therefore Nietzsche and his influence are worth notice by those who are interested in German culture and in the mental outlook of some of the younger and more boisterous Germans of the educated classes What in his different way Carlyle was to the earnest young Englishmen of the 1840's Nietzsche has been to some of the more impressionable and self-willed young eGrmans of our own day. [...] The foundation is the village school of which we have very many and afterwards the schools of the huan-dao the giao-thu and in headquarters towns the doc-hoc.



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