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Indian Education




The great disciplinary force of the examination is its power to discipline the teacher into relinquishing his high ideals of culture (in the true sense of the word) character-forming and the making of men and into sternly setting his face against the consideration of anything that will not pay" in marks ; and its power to discipline the student into regarding "education" as stock-in-trade a mea [...] C. Graham formerly Professor of Chemistry at University College London has left a sum of about 135.000 to the Senate of the University of London to found a fund to be known as the Charles Graham Medical Research Fund to be applied by the Senate in aid of any research carried on by a teacher or student of the School of Advanced Medical Studies or the University College Hospital for the prevent [...] L That the first stage of analysis of a sentence be a division into two parts to be called the Subject and the Predicate the subject being the group of words or single word wbich denotes the person or thing of which die Predicate is said and the Predicate being all that is said of the person or thing denoted by the Subject. [...] The other rules given in the Sulvasutras are as follows : (2) If you with to turn a square into a circle stretch a cord from the centre to one of the corners draw it round the side and describe the circle together with the third part of the piece standing over. [...] Aryabhata who is supposed to have discovered or at least introduced the most arrect value of TT known in ancient times gives the following rule for the volume of the sphere: The aJ'ea of the circle multiplied by its own root is the exact volume of the sphere.



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