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Indian Education




Education passed over into the hands of the County and County Borough authorities there to be treated in relation to other questions of local administration The intellectual interest of the work of the new County and County Borough education authorities lay in the fact that for the first time groups of local administrators were empowered to view the educational needs of their area as a whole [...] First came the Secondary Education Commission then after the passing of the Act of 1902 followed a great series of local inquiries ; then came the investigtions at the centre up pn some such subjects as the status of the teaching profession and its relation to the State and the Churches ; then came the Poor Law inquiry reviewing the conditions of poverty and the means of averting causes of [...] The whole of the members of the Public Assistance Authority will be appointed by the Council of the County or County Borough ; one-half of the members may be members of the Council itself the other half would be appointed by the Council from outside their number and would consist of persons experienced in the local administration of Public Assistance or other cognate work. [...] The separate committees to.which portions of the work would be entrusted would never have an opportunity of considering the problem as a whole The root difference of judgment between the Majority and the Minority of the Commissioners turns upon the relative advantage of two courses ; (i) cutting adrift altogether from previous experience at the risk of greatly increased expenditure and hazardou [...] It may be asserted that the teacher by speaking in a foreign language in the course of a lesson works through the ear and by making the pupil repeat some words and sentences in the class room makes the child work with the tongue; but the amount of individual exertion on the part of the child can be correctly measured if we remember that a child's share of work hardly exceeds two minutes in a



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