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Indian Education




They think that the greater the number of the sections of public opinion that are irritated or alarmed by the measures of the present Government the better will be the chance of obtaining a great Conservative majority at the next General Election. [...] The Goldsmiths' Company have given sums of to 000 both to the University of Oxford and to the University of Cambridge —in the former case for the establishment of a Readership in English. [...] The hips are well-drawn back -thus the front of pelvis is behind the front of chest bone and the abdomen is retracted behind the line of the chest which becomes the most prominent part of the body. [...] The weight of the body is equally distributed upon each leg and the centre of gravity is made to fall upon the middle of the joints of the leg with the shine in its normal position. [...] A portrait of the King and Queen is hung up at the entrance of our School building to mark the loyalty of the School and of the Parsi community in general.



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